Java Contact Information Management System Source Code

How To Create A Contacts Manager System In Java NetBeans 

Contact Management System Project In Java

In This Java Project Serie we will See How To Make A Simple Contact Information Management System To Manage friends, colleague, familly, informations ( address, phone numbers, email address ) Using Java With Netbeans Editor And MySQL Database To Store The Users and Contacts Information .

How It Work:

 1 - SignUp Form

     in this form a new user can register to the system and we will use a isUsernameExist function to check if the user name is already exists in the database, and browseImage function from Myfunc class to browse and show image into a jlabel ( in this form jlabel name is jLabelPic ), + a verifData function to check if 
  - the first name + last name + username + password are not empty
  - the password is equal to the retype password field
  - the user selected or not an image
and when you click on jLabelCreateAccount this form will close and login form will open .

signup form

 2 - Login Form

     in this form the user can logIn to the system by entering the username and password

if you enter the wrong username or password an error message will popup else the main form 

the user can show and hide the password characters by checking the checkbox ( 


and when you click on jLabelCreateAccount this form will close and SignUp form will open


login form

3 - Main Form

     when the user login 
successfully this form will show up with the logged user profile pic and username displayed in the form top left .

main form 1

as you can see when the user login a contact list will showup in the jtable at the bottom of the form, when you select a row from the jtable the data will be displayed into the fields .

main form 2

you can add edit delete contacts , navigate between contacts, see contacts .

Functions Used In This Form

populateJtable : to display the logged user contacts in jtabel .

browseImage : to browse image from the computer to the jlabel .

insertContact : function from contactQuery class to insert a new contact into the database .

refreshJtable : to clear and populate a jtable again after insert update delete to show the new data .

clearFields : to clear all fields, set the combobox selected index to 0, set jtabel icon to null,  set imgPath to null .

updateContact : function from contactQuery class to edit the selected contact information .

deleteContact : function from contactQuery class to remove the selected contact information from the database .

showData : to navigate between contacts ( show first, next, pervious, last ) .

main form 3

if you want the source code click on the download button below

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