Java Real Estate Management System Source Code

Real Estate Management System Project Source Code Using JAVA NetBeans And MySQL Database

Java Real Estate Management System Project

in this java complete project tutorial we will see how to create a real estate system in java programming language and mysql database.

goals of this project:
- give students / curious persons an example so they can learn from it.
- helping people create their first project. 
- sharing knowledge with others.

- java programming language.
- netbeans ide 8.2.
- mysql database.
- phpmyadmin.
- xampp server.
- ( website for free images ).

Watch This Full Demo

1 - The Login Form

the login form will allow the Users to login into the Real-Estate application Main Form.
the user need to enter his username and password before clicking the login button.
if the user enter wrong username or password or let any one of this two fields empty an error message will show up telling him what's the problem.
and if everything is ok, when you click on the login button the main real estate system form will show up and the login form will close it self.

2 - The Real Estate System Main Form

after the user successfully login, he will see this main app window with a menu using jpanel and jlabels.
and he can select where he want to go by clicking the on th label.

3 - The Real Estate System Manage Clients Form

- when this form load all clients data will be displayed in a jtable.

- to add a new client enter his data and click on "Add" button.

- to edit a client you need to select him first from the jtable and enter his new data.

- when you want to delete a client just select the client you want to remove and click on the "Remove" button.
- when you Edit or Remove a CLIENT click on the "Refresh" button to see the new results in the jtable.

4 - The Real Estate System Manage Owners Form

here the user can add a new property owner to the real estate system. 

and like the client form you can view all owners in a jtable and add, edit, remove the selecte one and a button to refresh the jtable.

if you want to see a selected owner properties, just select the owner from the jtable and click the "Owner Properties" button.

5 - The Real Estate System Manage Property's Types Form

This is a simple form where the user can manage the types of properties in the system.
all types are displayed in a list with key and value.

7 - The Real Estate System Manage Property Form

here in this form the user can add, edit, search and remove a property.
if the user want to search for a property all he need to do is to enter the property's id and click on the "search" button.
each property need to be assigned to a type, which can be selected form the combobx.

the user can see all properties list by clicking on the "Show Properties" button .

8 - The Real Estate System Manage Property's Images Form

in this form you can see all properties displayed in a table.
when you select a property from the table all this property's images id will be displayed in a list and when you select an item from the list the image will show up.
you can browse a photo from your computer and add it to the selected property.
you can remove the selected image by selecting it from the list.
there is no edit image, just add and remove.

when you click on the "Show This Property Images" a form will show up with a SlideShow to display the images and two buttons to navigate.

9 - The Real Estate System Manage Sales Form

in this form you can manage the sales of a property.
this form contains 3 tables:
1 - display the clients.
2 - display the properties.
3 - display the sales.
and you can add, edit remove the selected sale.

if you want the source code click on the download button below

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