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Learn to Code by Making Games - Complete C# Unity Developer

You Will Learn:
  • Learn C#, a powerful modern language.
  • Develop a positive attitude to problem solving.
  • Gain an excellent general knowledge of game creation.
  • Learn how object oriented programming works in practice.
  • Transfer your knowledge to .NET, other languages, and more.
Instructor: Ben Tristem
Social Proof: 160,136 students - rating 4.6

Review Example:

  • Choose between the current major VR systems.
  • Write basic C# code, even with no prior experience.
  • Create a simple 3D game in Unity.
  • Design games for Virtual Reality.
  • Create a Google Cardboard VR game from scratch.
Instructor: Ben Tristem, Sam Pattuzzi
Social Proof: 12,722 students - rating 4.6

Review Example:

  • Translate new laws of physics to code.
  • Understand how game engine physics works.
  • Extend the capabilities of Unity 3Ds physics engine.
  • Transfer this knowledge to other game engines.
Instructor: Ben Tristem
Social Proof: 15,038 students - rating 4.7

Review Example:

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